My name is Fernando, i was born in Venezuela in 1986. In 2006, After 3 years of engineering studies and without any plan, i decided to travel to Europe and start the search of the unknown. Now 11 years after, I am a professional chef and creative thinker, with more than 8 years of cooking experience, service and management in the restaurant and catering business.

My journey take me to 4 countries that been called home before; but none like Holland, my currently nest, travels around the world finding cooking inspiration and tens of places to learn the good things, and sometimes the bad ones.

I been working in Restaurants in Caracas, Madrid, Barcelona, Canarias, London and Amsterdam, taking from every place the best.

Amsterdam gimme the best opportunities ever, starting in Hilton Amsterdam, passing by a fantastic year in Guts & Glory, and a Crazy Last year full of openings and new challenges… Currently i cook at Bar Central Amsterdam, a Natural Wine Bar in Amsterdam West, developing organic and funky food.

Now is time to place all that creativity in plates… Roots, travels and experience…





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